2019 ︎︎︎The 7C Real Deck

The Real Deck was born out of an attempt to name our songs, which quickly spiraled into a matrix of our philosphies and strategies of playing improvisational music. 

The deck distills our creative process into a framework that can be shared, expanded, remixed and played with. Each card represents a Strategy, Source, or Cosmology -- essentials in our own practice that we find helpful, generative, delightful, sometimes frustrating, often imperative. Each card is an outcome of intense collaborative dialogue and reflects the difficulties and joys of communicating about the ineffable.

There are 31 cards in the deck, organized into 3 Categories:
Strategies - techniques, methods, and approaches for engaging reality
Sources - extant substances found in reality
Cosmologies - beliefs and belief systems that shape how we experience reality

Some cards include Steps, and some include Dangers— warnings about the risks and side-effects associated with that card.

In our own work we have used the deck to answer questions about our futures, stimulate creative production, form the basis for musical scores, and keep our senses attuned to the real.

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