2018 ︎︎︎ Blobfest

Every year, the town of Phoenixville, PA hosts Blobfest, wherein people re-enact scenes from the film and generally celebrate. One key aspect of this is a famous scene where movie-goers flee from their screening as the Blob approaches, pushing at the conceptual fourth wall of cinema.

For our three-day installation on main street, we took media from the film, input from passers-by, and a set of handbells from Camphill (among other things) to weave a multi-layered sonic net, in which we attempted to catch our friends, strangers, and the energy of the festival.

We tried to create open systems that thrive on participation - public input and engagement was welcomed and supported.

“Bring your energy to Community Arts during the Run Out to be calmed, energized or modulated by this group of multidisciplinary artists. Looking for a dish different than what you can find at the Street Fair on Saturday? Sound baths, tarot card readings, and live scores for film and life are in the mix, with more modes to emerge from the space itself… which hopefully won’t engulf the entire town!”

We knocked some people out with sound, were engulfed by a contact improv dance Happening, shredded with some dads, and Ran Out like the rest of them.