2017 ︎︎︎ Seven Count

Through email threads that snake in and out of one another, continent-hugging video calls, and punctuating moments of collective improvisation, we are making the folds in our experiences of space and time more audible. Radio has been a key metaphor, a space and non-space where presence and present-ness is always up for grabs. We began by overlaying the shards of time that are traced on vinyl records in a radio broadcast in June.

Then we played a show in October accompanied by the recording of that broadcast, replaying it on a private (pirate) radio station. In December, we folded bits of both of these together with a more traditional recording session in a 19th century carriage barn, but the folding itself became a new kind of transmission. None of our tactics seemed capable of capturing time; they knotted it more.

This album documents a documenting that ceased to mirror events the way recording devices usually do, but instead --we think-- became more like memory itself.


released April 29, 2017

Adam Tinkle: Saxophones, bass, electronics, field recordings, samples

Jake Nussbaum: Percussion, saxophone, bells, field recordings, samples

Angus McCullough: Trumpet, other horns, vocals, piano, field recordings, samples

Mixed by Adam Tinkle
Mastered by Joe Mariglio

Released on Risky Forager